Fast Forward

I had planned to write a blow by blow account of our small Pacific Northwest house build, but decided that that detailed sort of account would likely play out rather boring, much as it is to me in life; indeed, though I’m trying to enjoy the process, too much of the time it feels as if I’m simply wishing to get out of our temporary living situation and fast forward into our new place! And that’s really part of the process, I’ve discovered-reminding myself daily that this is in fact my life right now, rather than wishing it away. It’s a frustrating  but good opportunity to figure out (again!) what the essentials in life are…

Pacific Northwest shed roof design So here I fast forward to the construction of the first floor, which was really exciting to see materialize. On the left is the shop, middle is the open carport, and right the tiny entry.

second floor framing, Pacific Northwest shed roof design house And a few weeks later, the second story! Sort of.

Soon after this photo was taken came the plywood sub floor, interior wall framing and working staircase. The second floor consists of a single bedroom, living room and kitchen only, so this part of the process went quickly.

shed roof design trusses, Pacific Northwest small house This photo brings my narrative nearly to date with the addition of roof trusses. You can see where we’ve begun staining the exterior first floor plywood. We used the same stain product on the truss tails, in a color that should match the corrugated metal that will wrap the upper story.

Late fall in the Pacific Northwest means many short, dark and drizzly days, which translates to a slowdown of the building process. I’m using my spare time to find good deals on many of the items that will complete the project eventually- appliances, flooring, plumbing and lighting fixtures. I was jazzed to find last month a great 60s vanity light bar at Second Use in Seattle . And just today found a wonderful antique brass, nautical style globe fixture at Waste Not Want Not in Port Townsend Architectural salvage yards are great for both eclectic tastes and shoestring budgets! Another bonus if you were one of those kids that found scavenger hunts terribly exciting.

Stay tuned as we go!


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