Almost A Shell!

It has been cold up here in the Pacific Northwest this past week, but our builder has, on most days, pressed on so that at this writing we are close to having a shell-hooray! And Brady has on his days off been painting battens, fascia board, etc. in his plastic-wrapped shop with a small portable heater:

shop,shed roof design small house

All of the exterior OSB is on, and about half of the paper. The windows are due to arrive later this week and should be installed shortly thereafter. The metal roof is due around the same time, and the corrugated metal siding follows. Our plumber worked the past week roughing in plumbing for toilets and shower. Our first shower pan, special ordered from Lowe’s, arrived broken and had to be reordered. Neglected to double check condition of first one before we left the store; at an hour drive each way we won’t make that mistake again. The second shower pan is now sitting in its alcove.  It may not look like much, but the building has progressed since the trusses went on  last month.

One of the toughest things about living (and at this point I feel hard pressed to call it living-the feeling is more one of just passing the time) in someone’s guest bedroom temporarily and creeping in their kitchen quietly to make sandwiches is not being able to cook-argh!!! I’m mindful about what we eat, and I love to cook, so this is one of my biggest challenges these days (ha!-that, and holding on to my sanity in general…). Who knew I’d find such devoted friends in my two slow cookers. Someday, this will be my own humble little kitchen:

kitchen,small house,shed roof design,low light,north side kitchen

So the kitchen space is a narrow semi galley, all appliances on outer wall, with a floor-to-ceiling wall behind and openings to living space at either end. On this wall will sit a vintage kitchen work table that will hold mini microwave, and a couple of bulky counter top appliances. Cookware will hang on the wall above. Because it is on the north side of the building, there isn’t much light in the kitchen. Of course I would have rather have the room awash in light, but this tight design and budget came loaded with compromise; this was one of them. The ceiling is low on that side of the building as well, so lighting will be three or four cans on dimmers plus a task light over the sink. Black Friday sales and our desire to live simply allowed us to come in under our original appliance budget. While researching appliances, the more I read the more put off I became toward the more costly choices with their many often problematic features. In the end, we chose a simple top freezer refrigerator, a modest dishwasher and a slide in, electric coil top range. Natural gas isn’t available where we are, and plumbing propane for the sole purpose of a cooking appliance didn’t pencil out. I’d once had a smooth top electric range, which was just okay; I found that many of the burner sizes wouldn’t accommodate my smaller bottomed cookware, and the fussy cleaning of a glass top was a turn off. The inherent simplicity of an old school range seemed appealing, and so I chose. More on the kitchen (my favorite room wherever I live!) as we progress.

This last photo shows the north corner of the building and its bump outs, which make up the second stair landing/office/music & sewing space, and the kitchen:

bump outs,shed roof design,office landing,kitchen

Our builder has been as good as his word when he promised completion of the shell by year end. Hallelujah!



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