Hooray For Windows!

Our small shed roof design place is moving along this week just before Christmas! The windows-all thirteen of them-arrived yesterday and were mostly installed today. Excepting the shop and tiny storage room doors, the exterior doors have arrived and should be put in place by tomorrow. These fiberglass doors will be removed later for painting. Here are the three largest windows https://www.milgard.com/windows/montecito-series/montecito-series-single-hung-window outside and inside:

Milgard Montecito windowsMilgard Montecito windows

At 4′ X 8′ per window, these took a huge chunk of our budget, but with such a simple design really give it a focal point in addition to bringing in light, always desirable over Pacific Northwest winters. Another really tall fixed window is at the first stair landing, and will bring in light to what would otherwise be a cramped, dark little entry:

tall fixed window,Milgard Montecito

Remember the windowless kitchen from last week? https://buildingasmallhouse.wordpress.com/2016/12/18/almost-a-shell/ Here is the same space with the new windows:

Milgard Montecito,window over sinkMilgard Montecito tan windows,corner of kitchen The sink will sit under the window at left, the far right counter end will be under the two small windows shown at right. Of these, only the smallest window is fixed.

These windows have been the balm I need these days-hard evidence that the place is getting closer to being habitable while being mostly holed up in a difficult temporary living situation. For now, though, Hooray For Windows!

Front of shed roof design house


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