It’s A Shell!

It’s been an eventful week at the job site, and the good news is that with the install of the galvanized metal roof today, we have a shell! Hooray!

galvanized shed roof The northwest sides of the building seen from the street and through an extremely unruly hedge.

shed roof design small house Looking through a break in the hedge at the north and east sides.

Plumbing rough in has been completed, and the plumber managed to tie all the venting through just a single roof vent. The future pellet stove will vent vertically; that is the only other hole in the metal roof.

Here is a look at the corrugated metal siding, which will wrap the second story except for the kitchen bump out. The bump out will be covered in lap siding.

corrugated metal siding, small shed roof design house

We’ve had some real emotional challenges trying to maintain perspective while our world has shrunk to just a single crowded room in a stressful temporary living situation. Getting the roof on the place, for a while now, has seemed a tipping point. Our contractor had long promised us the shell by year end, so it feels good to have arrived. At the same time, I’m trying to remain mindful of the likely fact that the eventual move to a more normal situation will not prove to be a panacea. We’ll still have debt. I’ll still have anxiety. My family relationships are difficult. My shoulder will still be messed up and I don’t have health insurance. Even so, I have many things to feel grateful for, and with the recent windows and roof-we have a shell.


Happy New Year indeed!



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