Less Than 75 Days To Go!

2016 ended on a positive note and a big step forward for us with our project transitioning to a shell https://buildingasmallhouse.wordpress.com/2016/12/31/its-a-shell/ , exactly what we’d hoped for. The past few weeks have seen the completion of the roughed in plumbing, most of the exterior metal siding installed, and the roughed in electrical completed.

shed roof Northwest small home,tall windows, metal siding As the building begins to resemble an industrial cousin, we’ve made some choices, with exterior doors and a few other components, to incorporate some mid century modern element to soften the look. This door, http://codeldoors.com/catalog/decorative-collection/contemporary-classics/ , in yellow, will be the front door. Like many mid century homes, it won’t be visible from the front of the building but rather entry will be from inside the carport. The carport location for the entry door in our case was a choice made by necessity rather than choice. Shed roof design originated in the 60s http://www.dahp.wa.gov/styles/shed and seems a wonderful partner to some of the style elements of the 60s/70s that I confess to love as well as feel at home with. I was disappointed today to discover that a 60s vintage vanity light could not be installed over the tiny powder bath mirror due to a load bearing beam in that location. So now, I’m free to seek a swinging 70s swag lamp! Or at least a mushroom lamp…somewhere!

Brady has been spending every day off his regular job working at the job site in the future shop. Here he’s sealing the ash window sills, which will match the flooring on stairs and upstairs living area.

ash window sills clear coatash wood sills

And that’s it until next week, when it’s insulation time 🙂




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