My Favorite Rockers!

Finally feel as if I will have a place to go in the not-so-distant future. Though the exterior is not yet finished, this past week the attention has turned to insulation and sheet rock. Seeing walls become solid, and more like a living space brings the reality of the thing closer in. Here is the insulation in the workshop:

insulation-eco-batt We are pleased with our contractor’s green choice of Knauf EcoBatt . Other green choices will include real linoleum and wood.

Yesterday I popped by the job site and got to meet these guys, my new favorite rockers!

sheet rock Indeed, I couldn’t have been any happier had these guys been Jimi Hendrix or David Bowie come back from the dead. The installation of the sheet rock, expected to take a couple of weeks, means that we’re in the home stretch. Procuring the rest of the fixtures and finishing components is my other job right now. Mostly I look forward to being able to cook while listening to music. The realization that I’ve depended on this simple life activity-cooking and listening to music-for a good part of my mental well being has surprised me big time. Without it, my level of anxiety is far higher, and of course I’ve not been eating as well as I usually do. Ah, but soon!

And I can’t wait to plug in and play! While it’s true that I am still working on new Betty songs with Carolyn via a weekly Skype session, in practice I’m stuck with my acoustic-it’s not nearly as fun! Seriously, though, I am looking forward to the tiny landing space which will be my practice spot and function as office/sewing area as well.

Here’s a look at the kitchen bump out with the wood lap siding, also completed this week:

wood lap siding

And so it goes. I worry about expecting too much from this place, which will be, after all, only a dwelling. I’ve lived many places over many years, and some of them I’ve really enjoyed, others have dragged me down into depressions. I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to the roof that happens to be over my head at any given time and how it might add or subtract from my sense of happiness and contentment…does it at all? Or can any place serve as a home that feels safe and good?



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