Why Does It Always Seem To Come Down To Money?

This week ends with the sheet rockers taping the upstairs and rocking the carport and shop. Unfortunately, it also ends with our monthly contractor bill due. Another frightening check this month; serious worry (but not panic…not yet, anyway) has set in about not having enough money left to pay the subs to complete the place; it’s going to be tight, tight, tight!  Hopefully it will not come to pawning my car title-ha!-something I’ve done in the past to cover remodeling expenses. So the joy and relief at seeing the place morph into something we can perhaps soon live in is dampened by our rapidly dwindling funds. There is a “seasoning” period of six months before one can even apply for a cash out refinance loan https://www.fanniemae.com/content/guide/selling/b2/1.2/03.html -which is what we’ll be doing. And this not-able-to-get-a-loan-when-we-actually-needed-it was the caveat we were aware of when we set out on this journey. It is amazing how much things cost when they’re paid for with cash! Selling stuff on ebay helps. So does saying screw it! and getting frozen yogurt smothered in caramel and chocolate sauce once in a while, which is what we did last night. It’s expensive, though, so only once in a while…

But for today, I’m setting aside the financial worry and focusing on the move forward. At midday today, I entered the building from the cold outside and was really surprised at how incredibly warm it was in there. Of course every other time I’ve been it has been refrigerator-like in there. For the benefit of the drywall work and upcoming paint, the guys had set up a forced air heater on the living area floor and the warmth combined with the walls truly gave the space if not a homey feel, then at least the ability to imagine homey. For the first time I felt like staying!

drywall,sheet rock, PNW shed roof small house2nd-floor-framing The east end of the living area looking at the stairwell wall and second floor landing today, and about seven weeks ago.

west end of living area #buildingasmallhouse The north and east facing windows in the second floor landing.

south facing windows The south facing windows bring in a good amount of natural light on a cloudy Pacific Northwest winter day. There’s our contractor, Ray, adjusting the thermostat on the (temporary) heater. One of the last things to be installed will be the pellet stove. We were lucky to find this particular one http://enviro.com/products/catalogue/product/?prod=Mini-A as a demo over in Kitsap County, saving a good chunk of money. The pellet stove plus a ceiling heater in each bathroom will be the way the place will be heated.

west end of living area Here is the west end of the living area. There is a door on the left leading to a small deck. The wall space just to the right of the ladder will house our small sideboard table and tiny round dining table.

clever storage under pantry Our architect Andy’s clever under pantry floor storage will be valuable space on the second floor landing, which will have to wear many hats https://buildingasmallhouse.wordpress.com/2016/11/16/a-hole-in-the-dirt/ . I’ll have to make or purchase some sort of roll out bins for this space, and curtain it off in some creative fashion.

The painter is scheduled on the tails of the sheet rockers, and as usual, I’ve not done my homework. I need to create a paint list for the colors we’ll be using, something with high light reflective value. It isn’t very exciting except for the entry door color, which I’m pretty certain is going to be bright yellow. But more on that next week…stay tuned!


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