Really Moving Along Now!

For a long time I had envisioned the final stretch of the build to be a happy time filled with leisurely shopping trips, where I’d ponder which brightly colored dish towels to purchase…ha! In every situation lurks reality, and in this there has been neither time nor money to consider towels. The penny scraping game is in full swing, and though stressful, brings back the spirit of much younger days when I had more ideas than money. But on to the photos!


Here are west and east views of the living area, as well as the bedroom. The sheet rockers have completed their work, and left the windows papered and walls gel coated for the painters, who began their work today. These photos were taken just prior to the spraying of mold inhibiting primer on all the perimeter walls-next week they’ll paint walls and ceilings. They will also be painting exterior doors (yellow!). To save money, we are painting the shop, carport and under stair storage room. Speaking of saving money…that under the pantry storage was so excited about? Had to wall it over. Even that small job of running flooring under there and putting plywood on walls was too much for our already-over-budget-budget. I shall trim my stuff some more, and live just a bit smaller!

under stairs storageinside-storage-room-under-stairs This small storage room under the stairs is accessed outside by the door at left. What you see in there now are the items to be installed in the weeks to come-toilets, sinks, light fixtures, etc. In future we plan to store bicycles and luggage in here. The door blends beautifully into the building-great job, Ray!

looking-up-to-2nd-landing-from-1st-landing looking-from-2nd-landing-down-to-1st-landing Here are views of the stairs, looking up to the second landing from the first, and vice versa. The place is really starting to feel like a real apartment!

deck-material sw-corner-of-building-metal-siding-nearly-complete-deck-in-progress west-front-of-building-deck-siding-in-progress

The metal siding is just about complete now, and work has begun on the small deck. The metal material at left will be used as barrier between the deck rails. Though the deck is small, even the beginning of it really seems to bring that large flat front wall down to scale. Lots left to do on our part, painting, staining trim, painting door jambs, and after we move in there, the yard. But here we are now, finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel!


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