Paint It…Seashell!

It has been a busy week over at our job site, with the interior paint completed, linoleum floor put down in kitchen and bathroom, and tile begun on the shower. Wow!

We had planned to utilize light grey color for walls and ceilings for a more modern feel, but were afraid of winding up with cool undertones; even the warmer greys had me wondering if the place would feel warm enough. And I had originally planned for grey linoleum in kitchen and bath as well, liking the modern industrial flavor and knowing it would fit into the building nicely. But-I had had those grey ideas over the hot summer in Nevada; during this rainy, grey PNW winter I started to think more about light reflectivity than being on trend. Even among light colors there are those with cool undertones, but I was able to find one I felt would do the job, seashell from Benjamin Moore . This color has a light reflectance value (lrv) of 80. Though it has some green in there, it does feel warm and glowy-hopefully a good balm for the grey days up here.

west-end-of-living-area looking-east-in-living-area West and east ends of the living area.

2nd-landing-brady-working-on-pieces-for-stairs The hemlock wood being prepped by Brady for the sides of the stairs, due to begin next week.

The switch to a flooring color with greater light reflectance value from our original plan for grey also came over the winter. We wanted a green product and so went with Armstrong linoleum. This all natural flooring material is made from linseed oil, jute, cork powders and tree resin. There are some FABULOUS colors on offer, and I badly wanted to go with a bright yellow or green, but thoughts of resalability nagged at me; if I knew that I was going to die in that building I would have gone crazy with color! In the end, however, I chose safe and boring beige, but a good choice for a kitchen and bath that will never have direct sunlight.

Armstrong linoleum Here’s the linoleum being laid out on the kitchen floor yesterday afternoon. The slightly darker side is the jute backing. The whole place looks just like a dish of vanilla ice cream, doesn’t it? All my pops of color are waiting to be unboxed (hopefully by the end of next month!) and set about.

The deck also was completed this week:

close-up-of-completed-deck south-front-building The deck door is still covered in cardboard, and will be painted bright yellow like the entrance door in the carport. This won’t be done for another few weeks, as it would only get wrecked while the remaining work gets done.

This Sunday I am going to be at the job site unwrapping the windowsills and helping Brady prep the baseboard and doorway trims. Monday the wood floor and stairs work begins, and later in the week kitchen cabinets and counter top. In a couple of short weeks we plan to put up shelves and a hanging pole in the closet and actually move some stuff in there!!! Whoo hoo!


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