A Busy Time At The Job Site

This past week has been a busy one for us, cramming in lots of job site related errands and tasks in between regular work hours. Though we’re perilously close to to our bottom dollar, at the same time the light at the end of our long tunnel is shining rather brightly these days; barring the unforeseen, we should actually be able to move in in about four weeks.

The kitchen counter top arrived yesterday. It’s twelve feet in length and had to be hoisted up onto scaffolding, then onto the deck and through the door into the living area.

underside-of-john-boos-maple-counter-top-after-applying-beeswax john-boos-counter-top-underside  Here we have the maple top with the underside up, so that I could get a couple of applications of beeswax on. Next week the top will be cut for the sink opening and slide in range opening. Once it’s installed, I’ll continue to apply beeswax to the top, which will give it some measure of water repellancy over time, as well as eliminate the off gassing that would have occurred with an acrylic finish-we’ve been trying to keep that stuff to a minimum in this project. http://www.johnboos.com/Items_page.asp?s=r&SalesCode=&Prod=3&Page=33&Group=10&hdg=Hard%20Rock%20Maple%20Kitchen%20Counter%20Tops%20%20and%20%20Backsplashes%20&nsf=False&nsfc=False&csa=False

Hopefully the top will harmonize with the cabinets

looking-toward-the-kitchen-from-living-areaend-of-kitchen which are maple, but an entirely different color. The cabinets, with their somewhat reddish finish, were not my first choice. I wanted plywood boxes, but once into that price range, I found that maple was the only choice that fit our budget, and so it is. The photo above left shows the view from the living area toward the kitchen with its openings on either side of the wall. This wall has become a real point of contention over the course of the project; our architect hates it, and no one else has had anything nice to say about it. Indeed, when my sister first came up the stairs during the framing, she was liking the whole space until she turned, frowned and asked, why is this wall here? Once I explained that I didn’t want an entirely open kitchen and I had insisted on the wall, she lost interest and left shortly after. In any event, the living area side will be home of the pellet stove, while the kitchen side will serve as a hanging area for a pot rack. What sort of kitchen space do you prefer?

brady-on-the-2nd-landing-unfinished-ash-floor Here’s a look at the as-yet-unfinished ash floor, in this photo of Brady on the second landing. In keeping with our plan to maximize light reflectance, the floor will be finished clear. At this writing, the flooring people are waiting for the stair treads out of Portland. Once the floor is complete, baseboards and door trims will follow.

right-side-of-shower-with-corner-shelves-white-subway-grey-grout left-side-of-shower-white-subway-grey-grout Here’s the shower with its newly grey grouted subway tile. The faucet will be put on when the toilet and sink is installed. The white 3 X 6 subway tiles, at 25 cents per field tile, was the least expensive out there. With the contrasting grout, it looks busy enough to avoid the extra cost that a deco band would have incurred. The Kohler Ballast shower pan is super low profile and so will require a door.

We also squeezed in a trip to Home Depot in Poulsbo to pick up a very large order that I’d placed online several weeks ago. Before we left Nevada we sold nearly all of our furniture, most of it would not have fit in this place. We’d been sleeping on a mattress I’d purchased in the mid 80s, and so were due for a new one…did you know that you can order a mattress from Home Depot? Many of the store associates were surprised at this, and indeed, this was first first mattress they’d ever had delivered to the store. To pick up this order, we had to rent a van. I was seriously worried that the entire palletized order plus the bed were not going to fit, and it nearly didn’t. After we stuffed it all in there and headed back toward the Hood Canal Bridge, we realized we’d left the bed frame behind!

2-mar-2017-stuffed-into-the-rented-van The very packed van, including even the kitchen sink, ready to be unloaded into my sister’s garage.

view-of-deck-through-living-area-windowmetal-garage-door-to-shop At left is a view of the deck through one of the living area windows. The yard is a mess, and in addition to cleaning up will require some fencing from the healthy neighborhood deer population if we hope to grow anything. The fencing, of course, will have to happen later when our budget allows, but for now we have this deck and will at least be able to do some edibles in containers-hooray!

Lastly, this week also saw the install of the metal garage door to the shop, above. Such a long way from the initial framing https://buildingasmallhouse.wordpress.com/2016/11/26/fast-forward/ , it’s a been a trip to see it materialize on this spot.

Inside of a month now-YES!!!





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