Almost There!

A few weeks ago we had a setback with one of the subs, who shall remain nameless-at least for now. This setback came just as I’d begun to believe the move in date on my calendar. I felt unable to write from an angry perspective (works for writing songs, however ūüôā But the situation, upsetting as it was, offered an opportunity for a look in the mirror to see just how dangerously I’d become wrapped up with what is, after all, just a building. Just before meltdown mode I remembered that I had a choice: I refuse to have my life dictated by a pile of sticks and cement! So easy to lose sight of the ball! In any event, we’re a bit further than we were a few weeks ago¬†¬† and can see the move, and getting back to my life, in sight.

Ash, hemlock and birch wood used sparingly seem to warm up the place a bit without making it feel cabin-like (a style I’m not fond of):

ash cap pony wall Ash wood covers the floor, window sills and pony wall cap. The interior doors are birch (to be sealed with a clearcoat), and base board and door casings are hemlock.

Enviro Mini Pellet Stove The pellet stove finally arrived last week, only to have a part (snap disc) needing replacement!

¬†Here is the kitchen, with the appliances awaiting placement. Notice the three floating shelves in lieu of upper cabinets. Though spendy, these shelves were a fraction of what upper cabs would have been. Because of the shelf placement, the back splash had to be scaled down considerably. The cover for the range hood will be installed once the appliances are hardwired in-perhaps later this week. One of the frustrating things about this project is that a number of things have been damaged…it proved nearly impossible to coordinate delivery of items to when they were needed and, with such a small space in which to shuffle things around, some of the appliances were damaged. The polished concrete entry and powder bath downstairs is badly scratched; admittedly anal, these things pain me somewhat. It is probably not being able to have control over the level of care others can’t or won’t take that bothers me most. I’d probably made an assumption about that before the project ever began…

 The three rain downspouts at the back of the building have been installed and our builder is nearly finished with the exterior.

Toilets, sinks, light fixtures and stair treads are on the docket over the next seven days…we won’t actually make our April Fool move in date, but it shouldn’t be too much longer.



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