Trying To Keep It In Perspective..

This short post reflects the past week’s progress-not much. The weeks-long delay last month with the (still to remain nameless) sub caused a domino effect of delays with all the other subs, as a result the finishing work has been getting done in tiny increments. The various subs arrive to do an hour or two of work, then dash off to another project…argh!!

It has taken quite a lot of reserve to absorb the sheer frustration, and daily I remind myself to keep the situation in perspective. It’s interesting to experience the level of frustration grow with small inconsequentials when you feel you have no outlet because your life is on hold. Though I know she’s right and that she means well, I don’t like to hear my sister’s reminder that I “have a choice” when it comes to how this affects me. I get the psychology, but in actuality it is so difficult to just let it roll off. This whole episode has made me think deeply about how people get through various truly difficult situations. I know that going through this build, pitted against true misfortune, is laughable. But even being mindful of this fact, on some days, does little to ease or temper the toxic stew in my head. I haven’t yet seen much in the way of silver linings, but I know there will be some…

So here are a few photos from earlier today:

 The barely visible hinged shower door. Choosing 1/4 over 3/8″ glass saved over two hundred dollars! As Brady said, the thinner glass will do just as good a job keeping the water in! Seriously, though, we thought that the thinner glass might appear “cheap” but to my eye it does not. Groves Glass did a knock out job (they installed all the windows as well).

 Two silly little lamps! The one on the left is a cheapie utility light in the pantry closet that I just had to have because it looks like a microphone, doesn’t it? This so that I can (someday) sing in the kitchen again. The yellow tin lamp over the sink is simple and cheery (and was cheap as well!).

 As I said, this finish work is being done in baby steps…here’s the bathroom sink still sitting on the floor minus its pedestal…maybe next week?

birch door interior Ah, the bedroom door….keeps getting shuffled around because it can’t be hung until the floor is done.

ash floor in living area And lastly the ash floor, still unsanded and unfinished…

Soon, perhaps.



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